Hallandale Beach, Florida – Emergency flat tire fill up. FlatterUP™ Inc. is launching a product of design and function that will revolutionize the flat tire inflation industry. FlatterUP™ Inc. is revealing its multi patented invention at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.
Christopher Zimmerman, inventor and CEO of FlatterUP™ Inc. questions “How do you fill up a tire that is flat without using a power source, harmful chemicals or an air compressor?” Mr. Zimmerman also states “through our research we realized all you need is equalization, inflation to get out of a bad situation”
FlatterUP™ is a non-motor driven invention the equalizes the pressure in all 4 tires while simultaneously inflating a flat tire. FlatterUP™ is completely orbital, 100% custom engineered product, weighs under 3 lbs. and inflates a flat tire in under 2 minutes. FlatterUp™ is an emergency flat tire fill up that is reusable, works well in inclement weather and is easy to install by one person in less than one minute. With over 220 million tire punctures annually in the US, which equates to 7 tire punctures a second, it is obvious the tire industry is screaming for a revolutionary new product.

About FlatterUP™ Inc.
FlatterUP™ Inc. was founded in 2016. Its main objective is to invent products that maintain a carbon-less footprint. For more information call 1-844-358-8787 or visit

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