Australia’s Most Watched, Extreme Overlander is at SEMA


The man behind Australia’s most watched extreme overlander TV series will be making a special appearance next week at SEMA. You can catch Jase Andrews at the Rhino-Rack, MaxTrax, X-Ray Vision and Redarc Electronics Booths.

Armed with some of the best equipment money can buy, a solid sense of adventure, a healthy dose of fearlessness, ingenuity and grit, Australia’s favorite off-roading adventurer, Jase Andrews, takes on the most remote parts of the Australian outback in his popular TV series UNLEASHED.

His experience living off the land in some of the most remote and hostile parts of the country has given Jase knowledge and skills that he’d love to share with you, whether that be about ‘bush tucker’, cooking with limited resources, starting fires without matches, or getting your car unstuck in tricky situations.

Keep an eye out for Jase at the following stands:
Rhino-Rack USA Booth #35153
Redarc Electronics Booth #33281
X-Ray Vision Booth #33281
MaxTrax Booth #32181

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