Water Transfer Printing Turns This Corvette C7 Engine Cover into a Carbon Fiber Masterpiece


Do you want to know how to make any type of material look like real carbon fiber? You’ve come to the right place.

TWN Industries, Inc. is the pioneer in Water Transfer Printing technology. Our process allows you to transfer intricate and incredibly realistic carbon fiber weave designs onto any type of 3-dimensional object.

Here’s how we “dipped” this C7 engine cover and fuel rail covers in our all-new Sport Carbon™ Water Transfer Printing film:

1) The Corvette C7 engine cover and fuel rail covers were thoroughly sanded and cleaned.
2) Our polypropylene primer was applied to increase adhesion and promote a strong chemical bond.
3) Our “Atomic Orange” base paint was applied to the engine cover and our “Charcoal” base paint was applied to the fuel rail covers.
4) The parts were then processed using our all-new Sport Carbon™ Water Transfer Printing film that is being released at SEMA 2017.
5) The parts were thoroughly rinsed with warm water to remove the excess water-soluble PVA film. (Only inks are left on the finished part.)
6) Finally, our automotive-grade clear coat was applied over the part to enhance durability and give the part enhanced heat and UV-resistance. We used our high gloss clear on the engine cover and our 15% sheen clear coat on the fuel rail covers. (Our 15% sheen clear coat creates the most realistic carbon fiber finish.)

Benefits of Water Transfer Printing

1) Water Transfer Printing is an “ink-only” transfer process. The carrier film is water-soluble and is washed away with warm water. There is no difference in mil thickness after processing.
2) Water Transfer Printing can transfer graphics onto complex 3-dimensional items with ease.
3) Water Transfer Printing works on plastics, wood, metal, fiberglass, ceramic, and more.
4) Water Transfer Printing is scalable and can be integrated into any existing production line or paint facility.

Want to learn more about customizing your own products with Water Transfer Printing? Visit our SEMA 2017 page at https://watertransferprinting.com/sema/ and come by booth #12485 to see all our awesome carbon fiber sample pieces. Our Sport Carbon™ finish is virtually indistinguishable from real carbon fiber weave!