Green Bay, WI – October 16, 2017 - - - Pop & Lock LLC, will be featuring 10 new products at SEMA 2017. All new products will be featured and have live demos at booth #33149 in the Upper South Hall. Products will also be available for viewing in the New Product Showcase.

Of the 10 new products, Pop & Lock will be releasing 6 new models of manual and power tailgate locks for Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota trucks. In efforts to expand past their general line of tailgate security products, Pop & Lock will also be featuring two additional lines of security products. Of these two new lines, the Spare Shield™ spare tire security line covers most trucks, SUVs and cargo van models. These products are ideal for new car dealers and end users in high theft areas. The line also includes a brand new Jeep Wrangler spare tire lock. The second security line is a movement into the commercial vehicle market. The Cargo Safe™ has multiple configurations designed to fit a variety of commercial van applications to provide additional electronic security to inhibit access to the side and rear access doors. These vehicle types are often popular targets for theft due to the high value of cargo they contain (i.e. tools, equipment, etc.).

About Pop and Lock, LLC
Acquired by Vehicle Security Innovators (VSI) on November 1, 2011, Pop & Lock has been the world leader in truck tailgate security for the past 37 years. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Pop & Lock provides the aftermarket with the best security products for your tailgate, truck cap and tonneau cover as well as additional cargo security products aimed at deterring theft. With over 100 models covering hundreds of truck, van and SUV applications, you can bet there is a Pop & Lock for your vehicle!

For additional information regarding Pop & Lock or VSI, please contact Jacqui Grady at (800) 342-5911 or jacquig@vsilocks.com. Alternatively, you may visit www.vsilocks.com.