DEI Introduces Go-Kart Reflective Arm Band Sleeve


Avon Lake, OH (April 18, 2017)…In Go-Kart racing, the racer’s arm can be in close proximity to the engine and exhaust. The heat alone from the exhaust can be uncomfortable for drivers.

To reduce the potential risk of burns, thermal specialist, DEI, now offers added protection with its Go-Kart Reflective Arm Band Sleeve. Heat resistant, the thermal sleeve reduces the transfer of heat and improves the driver’s comfort.

Available in three sizes – small, medium and large, the sleeve slips easily over the racer’s suit, protecting drivers arm and suit from the forearm to the shoulder. Developed with DEI’s heat reflective material with an inner elastic liner, it provides a snug, yet comfortable fit allowing for normal movement while protecting from direct heat up to 400° F.

Size Part # MSRP
Small: 010866 $59.49
Medium: 010861 $61.54
Large: 010867 $63.59

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