Rust and dents are inevitable, but with the help of the industry’s strongest abrasives technology, they can also be quickly and effectively repaired. To help drivers resolve these issues conveniently and affordably, 3M Auto today announced the launch of its revolutionary 3M™ Precision Shaped Grain Sheets.

3M™’s proprietary Precision-Shaped Grain technology is engineered to act like a cutting tool, slicing through metal up to five times longer for increased productivity. The technology housed in the 3M™ Precision Shaped Grain Sheets continuously fractures to form sharp points and edges – slicing cleaner and faster, lasting twice as long as other high-performance abrasives. This optimal mineral breakdown allows for a significantly longer lifespan than conventional abrasives. With these new sanding sheets, auto DIYers will be empowered to complete more body repair projects with fewer sheet changes, while applying significantly less pressure over a shorter amount of time.

“Our ultimate goal in developing these kind of breakthrough technologies is to offer auto DIYers an easy-to-use solution that allows them the ability to take on the toughest jobs while also keeping their edge,” said Matt Callahan, Global Marketing Manager Auto Care Division at 3M Auto. “Precision-Shaped Grain technology is truly revolutionary to the industry. The triangular-shaped ceramic grain wears down evenly so it cuts faster and longer lasting than existing options today.”

The 3M™ Precision Shaped Grain Sheets are available as a two-part system in three grits – 80 grit, 180 grit and 320 grit. Designed to be used as the first step in the system, 80 grit sheets are intended for the removal of paint and rust from metal or fiberglass, as well as to shape body filler applications. For the second step, choose either 180 grit for smoothing out body filler or shaping glaze and spot putty, or choose 320 grit for finer smoothing and refining needs of glaze or spot putty. For further details, or to purchase 3M™ Precision Shaped Grain Sheets, please visit www.3mauto.com.

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