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Christian Byar, Senior Product Manager
AGS Company Automotive Solutions
(800) 253-0430

Muskegon, MI, September 7, 2017.

EZ-Fit® complete brake line kits are a new approach to brake line repair. Replacing every line on a vehicle with pre-cut and flared NiCopp® brake lines speeds up repairs and reduces come-backs associated with improper flaring.

AGS is the leader in coiled and finished brake lines. Many customers take advantage of our straight lines because they are flared and come with hardware. Others purchase brake line coils cutting them to length, applying hardware, and flaring. We often find customers asking for pre-bent kits and started research in the area. Often, aftermarket pre-bent lines do not fit like they did during the OEM process wasting time caused by removing and reinstalling parts that obstruct the job. The innovative EZ-Fit® line solves these problems by allowing the technician to route the lines where needed.

EZ-Fit® uses AGS’s own EZ-Bend® technology and corrosion proof NiCopp® brake line material. The material bends easily allowing the professional service technician to route the line easily and install lines quickly. The kits come with all lines required to complete the job, already flared with both zinc and black-oxide coated hardware. Lines are labeled to correspond to an instruction manual. Depending on the application, the time it takes to do the job drops dramatically - up to 50%. Also, the distribution of EZ-Fit® is much easier. When compared to pre-bent kits, EZ-Fit® takes up over 94% less space in the supply chain making it much easier to have availability closer to shops.

EZ-Fit® packaging fits easily on the shelf of a parts store and is simple to look up on part systems. According to Drew Sinn, the VP of Marketing and Sales “EZ-Fit® is an innovative approach to one of the most frustrating vehicle repairs. Many technicians do not want to do or are not given repair orders because of the ‘art’ associated with this potentially dangerous repair." EZ-Fit® allows the seasoned brake line technician to make more money and gives newer technicians the chance to do the job right the first time.

In 1931, we developed our first product: a new and unique stick lubricant. Our innovation-focused company culture is even stronger today as we strive to bring fresh, new insights into the automotive service and repair world. We tirelessly seek every possible way to do things better, make our customers’ work easier, and provide the highest value solution possible for all. AGS is the world’s leading independent aftermarket manufacturer of brake, fuel, and transmission lines. We also offer a full line of automotive specialty repair products, solutions, and lubricants to help the do-it-yourselfer in their garage or the professional mechanic in the shop. For more information, please contact Christian Byar: