Stunning electroluminescent paint unveiled at SEMA


Darkside Scientific, creator of LumiLor Light Emitting Coating, is rolling out a revolutionary new paint guaranteed to turn heads at SEMA.

LumiLor is the world’s first and only patented electroluminescent paint. The product allows artists and manufacturers to design with light in ways previously impossible. It produces light that is visible at long distances and shines through many types of atmospheric conditions such as fog, snow and smog.

Unlike many light sources such as LEDs, the brightness of LumiLor is distributed across the coating and appears the same from all angles of view. Simply put, anything you paint with LumiLor can be turned on and off as easily as a light bulb.

SEMA attendees can check out LumiLor close up at the Rust-Oleum booth (13073) to see a 1958 Lincoln Galactica decked out in the electroluminescent paint. The show-stopping car is designed by Master Builder, Alan Lee.

Rust-Oleum and Darkside Scientific are taking LumiLor to the next level and creating coatings for Original Equipment Manufacturers, the professional paint market, and soon the consumer market. The coatings have been proven for weather durability, adhesion, and the longevity of the light.

Professional painters are already using LumiLor to do everything from amazing vehicle customization to brilliant artwork to props for trade promotion.

Researchers at Darkside Scientific and Rust-Oleum have further developed the formula to even withstand the harsh elements of jet travel. Darkside is working with European aircraft manufacturer Airbus to create electroluminescent exterior markings for aircraft.

Beyond the aerospace industry, LumiLor is being used successfully in a variety of industries including, architecture, transportation and emergency lighting.

Learn more about LumiLor and Darkside Scientific here.


About Darkside Scientific: Darkside Scientific, headquartered in Medina, OH, is the world leader in Light Emitting CoatingsTM (LEC) for manufacturers and the aftermarket. Its signature product, LumiLor, is a patented electroluminescent coating system which enables anything to be turned into a source of light without changing its form or function.

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