Insane Audio to Showcase Industry Disrupting Products at This Year’s SEMA event



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Insane Audio to Showcase Industry Disrupting Products at This Year’s SEMA event

June Lake, CALIF., – October 14, 2017 – Insane Audio, a US Based High Tech Manufacturing Company, today announced plans to attend this year’s SEMA show to introduce several new industry disrupting products to the offroad vehicle market segment.

Insane Audio has been producing unique and innovative products for the automotive aftermarket since 2013. This year, however, they plan on releasing several new products that they describe as “being an entirely new level of awesome”.

Insane Audio builds premium in-dash multimedia and navigation units for the offroad market as well as several accessories such as waterproof backup cameras and front facing “rock cams”. Products released this year include Insane Audio’s JK2001 and their soon-to-be-released DD2001.

The new line of Insane Audio products are all rated IP66 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Like previous Insane Audio products, they also include Insane NavEngine which is the only on and offroad GPS navigation product on the market with street maps, trail maps and full 3D Topography. Other key features include a high definition multi-touch display, USB and MicroSD slots for movies or music, built-in WiFi, an octa-core CPU, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of flash storage. What makes these products truly unique, is the fact that they run the Android operating system natively and allow customers to install their own apps. “Insane Audio’s products are fully compatible with your iPhone or Android smartphone”, said Mira Chen, Senior Manager of Operations for Insane Audio. “Most people have smartphones. With Insane Audio, you can have a Smart Jeep! Our products allow you to install apps directly to your vehicle that can be used either on or offline”.

Derek Muico, one of Insane Audio’s Senior Engineers, further described the technology and key differences between the current industry technology of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. “Android Auto and Apple CarPlay not only severely limit the apps that you can use, but they are essentially a lazy manufactures way of using your smartphone’s processing power and systems architecture to compensate for the fact that their product has no real connectivity and doesn’t have the physical hardware or software to be able to run apps on its own. Insane Audio’s products are like having a fully connected computer right in your dash. That means that our products work with or without your phone and you actually install apps directly on our product right in the dash of your vehicle instead of simply displaying data from your phone through, of all things, a hardwired connection.”

Mira Chen elaborated on some of the things that make these products unique. “Want to wirelessly control your GoPro? There is an app for that. How about downloading satellite imagery ahead of time then using it entirely offline for offroad navigation? No problem. From using Waze for traffic, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify or even Netflix or Angry Birds. There are literally millions of apps on the Google Play store. Many of them are free and almost all of them work on Insane Audio’s products”.

By having Android natively, this means that:
• Customers can install apps directly in their vehicle.
• They can install different apps in their vehicle then on their phone.
• Customers don’t need their phone to use all the features they want on their head unit
• If someone else is driving your vehicle, they don’t need your phone to use whatever apps are installed and configured
• Customers can use expandable memory options, such as a 256GB microSD card to store app data without using space on their phone
• Customers don’t need a physical cable to tether their phone just to use their head unit.
• Customers can run any app they’d like, not just those that are compatible with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Insane Audio’s products continue to shake things up by introducing even more new features this year. Insane Audio’s JK2001 and DD2001 will include an intelligent Bluetooth 4.0LE chipset that will allow it to work in both “master” and “slave” mode. This means that in addition to working with your phone for handsfree calling or Bluetooth media streaming, they can also control multiple bluetooth accessories. Derek Muico explained. “One of my favorite options is to connect to something like SwitchPros SP8100 which allows customers to run an app that will wirelessly control a switch relay for their offroad lights, winch or other accessories. There are plenty of other cool options too from apps that wirelessly control a radar detector to Bluetooth breathalyzers that measure your blood alcohol content through an app.”

Insane Audio’s new products also wirelessly integrate with a vehicle’s OBDII system and provide realtime engine data through custom gauge displays. Customers can also view or even clear engine fault codes.

Insane Audio will be showcasing their products at booth #50941 in the Performance Pavilion. Insane Audio’s JK2001 is designed for perfect fitment in all 2007 to 2017 Jeep Wranglers or Wrangler Unlimited. Insane Audio’s DD2001 is a universal Double DIN unit that will fit just about any vehicle by using an aftermarket dash kit. Both products are IP66 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof and come with a 3 year manufactures warranty as well as lifetime technical support.

About Insane Audio
Insane Audio is an American manufacturing company who builds premium in-dash multimedia and navigation solutions for the offroad aftermarket. Our products and accessories can be found in select retail stores throughout the US and Canada, through various catalogs and online retailers and through your local offroad specialty shop. We take a lot of pride in what we do and stand behind everything we build. Our products are built tough and ready for wherever your next adventure takes you. For more information on Insane Audio, visit us at