DOT-Compliant Plumbing Solutions


Consumers are often challenged when repairing rusted steel brake lines while they are modifying,
restoring, or building custom vehicles. It is hard to decide what the best choice is for brake plumbing
when there are problems with the most readily available options: plated mild steel and traditional
stainless steel.

Plated mild steel:
• Fairly inexpensive but the plating tends to deteriorate and rust.

Traditional stainless steel:
• Expensive, very hard to bend and flare, and unforgiving.

BrakeQuip has a better way. Our fully DOT-compliant EziBend 2, a copper-nickel alloy, is a cost
comparative solution to plated mild steel. This special cunifer blend contains less than 1.5% iron by
weight for superior corrosion resistance. Our EziBend 2 has been confirmed, through independent lab
testing, to meet or exceed industry standards – UNS C70600 and ASTM B111. EziBend 2 has higher
nickel content than the three leading competitors.

For an alternative to traditional stainless steel, BrakeQuip offers soft-annealed 316L marine-grade
stainless. The heat treatment process of annealing causes our steel to be easier to bend and flare
than otherwise. In addition, 316L contains molybdenum, a corrosion resistor that is not found in
traditional 304 grade stainless. This allows for BrakeQuip’s stainless steel to have the highest level of
corrosion protection.

Visit to browse BrakeQuip’s full-line of copper-nickel and stainless steel tubing
solutions as well as tools and hardware perfect for your next automotive plumbing project.

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