Water Transfer Printing Technology Revolutionizes Automotive Restyling Industry


Water Transfer Printing is an innovative coating technology that allows you to transfer unique designs onto complex 3-dimensional objects. TWN Industries, Inc. is the pioneer of Water Transfer Printing technology. Our technology is used to process car dashboards in luxurious wood grains, custom wheels in intricate designer patterns, engine components in realistic carbon fiber designs, and much more.

The benefits of our process are profound. Water Transfer Printing is not a vinyl wrap. It is an ink-transfer process that utilizes water displacement to wrap around 3-dimensional objects with ease.

The Water Transfer Printing Process at a glance:

1. Apply Base Coat.
2. Process part using Water Transfer Printing film and Activator.
3. Rinse Thoroughly.
4. Apply Clear Coat.

It is very easy to get started with Water Transfer Printing with the proper training, equipment, and supplies. TWN Industries in Princeton, FL offers a 2-day hands-on training and certification program that will give you the knowledge to start your own Water Transfer Printing business. We have a network of over 1,400 companies that are TWN certified, including auto body shops and major manufacturing facilities.

To learn more about our innovative coating technology come by and see us at booth #12485, visit our website at www.watertransferprinting.com, or call our corporate office at 305-258-9622.