Skull Krushers Offroad, Inc. Partners with Adams Drive Shaft


(BAYTOWN, Texas) October 4, 2017 – Skull Krushers Offroad, Inc. will import drive shafts and other critical suspension components from their new partner, Adams Drive Shaft for the SEMA competition this year. The strong drive shaft design procured from Adams Drive Shaft will help increase the endurance factor of the new Jeep by several folds. It will help the modified Jeep utilize the full potential of the engine without the risk of transmission failure.

The senior research and development executive from Skull Krushers Offroad, Inc. said, “We have heard a lot of good things about the products manufactured from Adams Drive Shaft and are currently working on the design of a custom-made reliable drive shaft for the SEMA build. Our research and development team is working hand in hand with the development team of Adams Drive Shaft to test several materials and bring out the most durable ones of all.”

The senior marketing executive for Skull Krushers Offroad, Inc. said, “This new-found partnership will allow Adams Drive Shaft to showcase their products on our website in return for continuous support throughout the SEMA season.”

The upcoming SEMA show will be a big platform for off-roading companies from around the nation to showcase their fabrication and design skills. This new-found partnership right before the critical event will serve as an opportunity for both Skull Krushers as well as Adams Drive Shaft to grow their businesses.

About Skull Krushers
Skull Krushers Offroad, Inc. is an all-American company focusing its energies on development custom modifications for Jeep offroad vehicles. The company will also participate in the SEMA competition this October. For additional information on the company, please contact

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