True Bolt-on Sequential Shifting is Here


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True Bolt-On Sequential Shifting is Here
Bremer Shifters delivers a true bolt-on sequential shifting performance
The Bremer Sequential Shifter is the simplest and most effective bolt-on upgrade to convert your stock, H-pattern street car transmission into a sequential race machine.
Developed over a three-year period, the Bremer Sequential Shifter was created to deliver a true sequential shifting option to car enthusiasts around the globe.
Developed to meet key criteria – size, strength, simplicity and adaptability – the Bremer Sequential Shifter installs in minutes and replaces your stock shifter without taking up additional cabin space or requiring any modifications to gearbox internals. The 40% reduction in throw dramatically reduces the time taken to shift gear and the true sequential action means you’ll never miss a gear again. Ever.
The Shifters adaptability means it can be rotated a full 360 degrees (in 30-degree increments) to suit a multitude of car and driver combinations, and allows drivers to shift using either a forward or reverse-pattern motion. Adjustment is simple and quickly puts the shifter at just the right angle to suit your driving style.
Thanks to the simple nature of the installation, you can transfer the Bremer Sequential Shifter from car to car with ease or change your daily driver into a weekend weapon in no time at all. The Bremer Sequential Shifter is engineered for a lifetime of use in high-performance applications and is manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum to deal with the harshest automotive environments.
Drivers can also choose to mount their shifter wherever they like thanks to the optional remote-mount kit, perfect for converting a factory remote-mount shifter or for mounting your shifter closer to the steering wheel for racing use.
The Bremer Sequential Shifter will fit nearly all top-loading manual transmissions in production today including T5, T56, TKO, TR 6060 and many more. See the website for a full list of compatible transmissions and options.