Ever have trouble staying alert on a long drive? The startup Smack Innovations, a SEMA Launchpad semifinalist, has just the device for you. Imagine being able to smack your steering wheel to hear real drum sounds on your car speakers on top of the music you’re listening to. Smack’s aftermarket “Deluxe” model makes it possible.

Just like SafeConnect, another Smack Innovations product, the Deluxe model allows drivers to safely use features & apps of their smartphone.  In addition however, the Deluxe model also helps drivers COMBAT HIGHWAY HYPNOSIS (a state of zoning out experienced by drivers on long trips) and STAY ALERT through TACTILE & AUDITORY STIMULATION.  The Deluxe model has 8 additional sensors to keep a driver alert. By smacking these 8 sensors, drivers can add 8 different DRUM SOUNDS to the music coming out of their car speakers. As a safety feature, one handed drumming of 4 different drum sounds is possible while driving, but at a standstill, like a traffic jam, drivers can add all 8. Since there is no view screen and all controls are on the steering wheel, a driver can always keep eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and phone in his pocket.

Both SafeConnect and the Deluxe model connect wirelessly to your phone and can clamp onto any steering wheel in seconds. The 8 extra sensors of the Deluxe model are contained within classy, black material which velcro to the circumference of your steering wheel like a steering wheel cover. A driver can push buttons to dictate & send text messages & emails, make phone calls, get directions to the cheapest nearby gas station or best nearby restaurant according to yelp, dictate the music he wants to hear on his car speakers, and much more. The aim of Smack Innovations is to make every app on the user’s phone compatible.

Want to try out a Deluxe model yourself? We’d love to show it to you at SEMA, but we need a kiosk. Leading vote getters in the SEMA Launchpad competition get kiosks, so please vote for us here: If you would like more information on this topic, see

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