introducing LARRYALERT 400


LarryAlert, the first radar-ranged motion sensor device and app for outdoor adventure.
This year Introducing our EXTENDED RANGE ANTENNA model.
--Connected security devices are no longer just for home or office. Finally, a take anywhere solution! LarryAlert motion sensor alarm goes on the road with you. Gear is too expensive to leave unattended, who gets left behind to keep an eye on the load of toys & equipment when everyone wants to relax and focus on the sunset? Do you cross-your-fingers when alone and must run inside to grab some ice? You are ‘right there’ but your stuff is taken… With LarryAlert device and app you can take your stuff with you, without your stuff being taken from you. Larry is simply the most unique portable security device ever created. The original design allows 150’ of connectivity range (phone to device). Striving to meet customer demand we proudly introduce: Extended Range Antenna model reaching connectivity up to 450’. Same revolutionary 3D radar motion sensor creates a selectable S-M-L virtual cage around your stuff perfect for crowded areas or open public spaces. People and animals can pass by your bike, truck or campsite minding their own business - no problem until they cross into your selected radar cage and trigger an instant alert. A 15 photo burst is sent to your smartphone directly via LarryAlert built-in WiFi module. Features manual photo option for 15 photo burst to see what’s happening around your stuff anytime you feel the need to check on your belongings. App set-up allow a silent or siren deterrent mode. Device includes built-in voice speaker to greet friends or tell an intruder ‘hands off my stuff’!
No SIM card required. No monthly fees. Larry is designed as a weather resistant take anywhere device. Featuring exclusive 3D Radar sensing technology, the latest in embedded WiFi technology, and rechargeable 8hr LiPo battery. Includes adjustable velcro strap, suction cup mount, lock-down cable, SD card, 5v charge adapter, micro USB cable. Get outside and enjoy your activities with peace of mind.


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