Crash Point Systems is a new tool that makes auto estimating easier than before.


Crash Point Systems unveils a new tool on the market that is simple in appearance but extraordinary in its abilities.

Crash Point makes taking photographs for estimating and appraisal on a vehicle much quicker and less problematic than ever before.
“It is my strong belief this tool provides education through communication,” says Justin Forkuo, the creator of Crash Point Systems. He developed this tool while seeking better methods for vehicle appraisal, than what is currently available, by forming a standard process for taking photographs.

This resulted in the creation of a simple device designed with maximum efficiency in mind. Its one-handed ambidextrous design allows for greater mobility. The lightweight durable plastic polymer reduces fatigue, and resists wear during heavy usage. The five ‘wands’ are color-coded and use known industry terms to relay accurate information to all personnel involved in the repair process.

Being a touch-less method, there’s no need to write or attach anything on the vehicle’s surface – reducing prep work. The tool also aids those who have difficulty taking good pictures.

“It’s almost a natural tool we use in our shop when taking estimate photos.” says Gerald McNee, owner of Ultimate Collision Repair in New Jersey who is one of the early adopters of Crash Point Systems, “The assorted colors make it easier to indicate exactly what needs to be done in the photos instead of second guessing it later when writing the estimate.”

Crash Point Systems will be on display at the SEMA Show this October at Booth #52012.