SATA RPS Cups save time and material


SATA® RPS® Single Use Cups save not only time, but paint and cleaning materials too. The SATA RPS Rapid Preparation System is a vented system that allows a constant and even flow-rate, for constant color match, and constant film build from a full cup down to the last drop.
SATA’s vented RPS system is not just used for painting. It is also used for mixing with graduations from 1 to 1, all the way to 10 to 1, and everything in between. You can also use it for storage of your leftover un-catalyzed basecoat or other materials when properly labeled. The minimal components of just the cup, lid and strainer make it easy for painters to use, and save cleanup time too. No need for adapters when used on SATA spray guns, eliminating unwanted paint debris which gathers on adapters and in the paint passages of other disposable cup and gun brands. The short fluid passage of the SATA guns, along with the QCC, Quick Cup Connect system has eliminated threads in the fluid passage, making cleanup easy with much less waste. The elimination of any reusable added components keeps paint work much cleaner too. No dried paint debris falls into paint work like other cup brands, as each time you use an RPS cup, all components are brand new, and sterile.
SATA has updated the look of the RPS cup packaging. The package sizes were changed slightly, providing ease and uniformity when stacking and shipping logistics.
The new boxes not only have a great new look, but the more glossy surface coating of the box is better suited for humid climates. Another feature, the box has the addition of an easy zipper lid opening, just press your thumb through the marked area and grab the red tab on the side of the case and pull to open the box. No more box knives necessary to properly open the box. The lid flips open for access, and closes to keep them clean. The transition from old to new packaging is well under way depending on inventory rotation.
SATA RPS is available in 3 sizes, 0.3 liter (10oz), 0.6 liter (20 oz), and 0.9 liter (30 oz) for any sized job application. Depending upon which type of paint you are spraying, there are also options of strainers from 200 micron plug in sieves, 200 micron flat sieves, or 125 micron flat sieves.
The vented RPS cups allow for ALL of the paint and other materials to be sprayed from the cup. No costly ounces of left over unused material in an RPS cup. Mix only what you need, and spray it to the last drop.
To try the cost effective SATA RPS cups in your shop, ask your local SATA dealer for samples or for a demonstration. You can of course come see them at our SEMA booth # 10609 North Hall. 800-533-8016