“The Malco ‘Conformable Sander’ is the first re-usable sanding block design capable of holding hand-pressed convex, concave or S shapes to match a contoured surface” says David Clark, New Business Development Manager for Malco Products. “We are initially targeting this new product for the auto body repair and restoration market,” he said. “Our research and development approach was, from the start, a process matching over 65-years of Malco tool design expertise with field research, testing and real world insights gained from our USA ‘Gold Class Certified’ Body Shop partners. The work-saving advantage we have produced for the auto body technician is a segmented sanding block, with internal aluminum memory bar, that can be quickly set and re-set to conform to auto body contours encountered throughout the sanding operation. The block also conforms to the human hand, when gripping, to reduce fatigue and promote evenly applied pressure over the entire sanding surface.”

Conformable Sander models are available in 5-inch and 8-inch block lengths and use 70 mm (2-3/4 inch) wide hook and loop backed abrasive paper in standard tear-off roll increments. Malco’s Design Engineer of record for this project, John Ryan, notes that changing out paper is also a quick operation. “There is no need to reposition the paper or adjust the block contour when changing grits or replacing worn paper for a job in progress.” He also points out that the segmented block incorporates a flexible slide interface for attaching the paper, which eliminates buckling or tearing and ensures a consistent smoothing process. “The economy of preserving paper for re-use is also important for the auto body tech”, adds Ryan, “especially when numerous abrasive grits, required for paint preparation, are changed out for a minor body repair.”

Both the block and slide interface of the Conformable Sander are resistant to shop solvents and will not mar or scratch the auto body surface. The slide is, however, a normal wearing part and replacement “paper-slides” are available for each model.

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