Atturo on Display at the 2017 SEMA Show : Tire Manufacturer BOSSes Up with Aggressive Style and Performance for Show Vehicles


Atturo Tire has sponsored a new series of vehicles for SEMA 2017 all with its Trail Blade® series tires. Thanks to its partnerships with many other SEMA companies, many of the vehicles expanding Atturo’s presence at the 2017 SEMA show will feature – the Trail Blade BOSS®. This tire, the most aggressively styled tire in the Trail Blade series, is built for tackling the hardcore off road. So much so that the BOSS is the tire of choice for the Expedition SEMA Toyota FJ traveling over 5,000 miles off road on its way to the SEMA Show.

The BOSS tread is designed from the Quartermaster QSA-1 BOSS HOG knife, a blade made for heavy duty, hardcore use. Alternating shoulder blocks follow the outline of the knife handle tread. The tread’s high void ratio provides superior grip across the varied terrain. Smaller center tread blocks are linked for stability from the high abrasion abuse of rocks.

Following on the heels of the award-winning Trail Blade X/T, and the Trail Blade M/T (both of which will also be on display at the Atturo Booth #43265 and on select project builds), the BOSS is the tire to beat in the competitive off road market segment. Launching with the 37x12.5x17 size, the BOSS will soon be accompanied by 38x13.5x24 and then the 325/60/20, 40x14.5x20, and 40x14.5x24 sizes. Details will be available at the SEMA Show booth.

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