Skull Krushers Collaborates with HID Projectors: HID Projectors & Lights at the Upcoming SEMA Show


Skull Krushers Offroad, Inc. recently announced a new alliance with their partners, HID Projectors to sell their HID lights through the website of Skull Krushers. Both the companies are now partners in agreement with the other, aiming to be corporate representatives of various HID Projectors and related products. With the vision of growth and sustenance, the one-stop shop for all kinds of Jeep customization, Skull Krushers, is now offering scope to upcoming technologies through the website and the latest partnership can be seen at the upcoming Specialty Equipment Market (SEMA) Show.

HID Projectors introduces the latest range of headlights, fog lights, tail lights, lens etching, and customized designs for your cars. All these products would be available on the Skull Krushers website very soon. The projector lights are now considered the heart and soul of headlights. With the innovative optical element containing the HID bulb, projector focuses its light into the beam for better visuals.

Ben Port, CEO, Skull Krushers said, “HID Projectors headlights boast the best technology available. It features advanced optical projectors paired with the best HID bulbs and ballasts. The HID lights provide a wide and even beam of light right from the center to the edge. It is the brightest and the best in the market yet.” He further added, “We are extremely happy about this partnership with HID Projectors. The company has the best HID projector lights in the market, and we are excited to announce that these products would be available to our customers through our website. They definitely make quality lights and accessories with the scope of customization.”

Skull Krushers was established with a vision to provide adequate customization opportunities to regular jeepers. “We take immense pride in the fact that we have the best range of quality Jeep accessories in the market,” said the CEO. All items developed at Skull Krushers, which includes customizable inner fender liners, are produced in America. The company actively chooses American producers and collaborates with the same to sell relevant products on the Skull Krushers website.

Many people take interest in the SEMA show. It is a highlight in the auto industry promoting new products, launches various car and Jeep accessories, and new alliances. In 2017, the dates for the SEMA Show are from October 31 to November 3, in Las Vegas, NV.

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