Montebello, CA (July 21, 2017) – The Soundstream Pro Audio line-up is now in stock and in the process of shipping to dealers. This line-up includes: speakers, tweeters, amplifiers and a five-way electronic crossover, providing premium performance.

“We are very excited for our customers to have access to the Pro line for 2017,” said Paul Goldberg, vice-president, sales & marketing for Epsilon Electronics Inc. “Our pro audio equipment has traditionally had a cult following and we believe this year will continue in that tradition.”

Here is just a sampling of the 2017 Pro Audio products available through the Soundstream dealer network:

SM-800 SM Series Speakers – The 8” model of the SM Series speakers feature interchangeable, multi-colored dust plugs that allow you to change the look and feel of your speakers anytime you want. SM Series speakers are sold in pairs and include the iconic Soundstream spider grill. The SM.800 registers a powerful 300w of MAX power handling and 150W of RMS power handling. Impedance is rated at 4-Ohm.

SPD-400 Pro Audio Tweeters – The SPD.400 is the most powerful of the Pro Audio Tweeters offered for 2017. A key feature of these tweeters are their multi-colored, interchangeable grills which are available in black, blue, red and green. The SPD.400 is rated at 400w of MAX power and 200w of RMS power. Mounting depth is 7.50” and impedance is a powerful 8-Ohm.

SPT-22 Pro Audio Tweeters – These Aluminum tweeters are distinguishable by their distinctive Tarantula grills which come in four interchangeable colors: blue, black, red and green. You can easily and quickly change colors to suit your mood. The SPT-22 pro audio tweeters feature 600w of MAX Power handling, 300w of RMS Power handling with a 1.75" 4-Ohm voice coil.

X3.71 X3 Series Professional Amplifier – The X3.71 is a high powered amp that can produce as high as 7K watts at 16 volts. This unit also provides a 18dB Lo-pass & Subsonic crossover. The X3 series amplifiers are 1-Ohm stable Class D rated. They include a non-regulated MOSFET power supply, up to 16B power and 10V audio input. The X3 series amps are based off of voltage for tuning convenience. In addition, they are monoblock and 16V compatible. The X3 is truly competition ready.

PROX4.1 – Professional 5-Way Electronic Crossover – The ProX4.1 5-Way Electronic Crossover is new for 2017 as part of the SoundStream Professional line. This unit contains 1 flat out and 4-way variable filters. Additional standard features include: level adjustments on all routes, dash mount remote subwoofer levels and a mute key on all channels.

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About Epsilon Electronics Inc

Epsilon Electronics Inc. operates as a corporate umbrella for various brands that include Soundstream, Power Acoustik, Precision Power, Farenheit, and NESA. Epsilon produces name brand products that are sold in over 2,000 locations across the USA. It is also a top 12 Volt brand in over 55 countries worldwide. In addition, Epsilon is the second largest aftermarket car video supplier in the USA. As an innovator in the industry, Epsilon holds 13 key industry patents. Furthermore, each year they offer products with features that supersede previous models, as well as customers’ expectations.

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