New For 2017 Soundstream and Power Acoustic Subs Now Shipping and Available to Order


Montebello, CA (August 7, 2017) – The SoundStream and Power Acoustik lines have three new series of powerful, yet reasonably priced subwoofers for 2017. These subs all offer the quality and innovation customers have come to expect and all are reasonably priced.

These subwoofers were all engineered with an eye towards answering the requests of our loyal customers. This means that key features were retained and improvements that our customers have been asking for were incorporated for the best possible products.

“These subwoofers are a worthy addition to our SoundStream and Power Acoustik product lineups,” said Epsilon Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Paul Goldberg. “These products contain a wide variety of standard features our customers have come to expect all at reasonable prices.”

SoundStream Reference R1 R.122 and R.124 Subwoofers - The Reference R1 R.122 and R.124 subwoofers are new for 2017. They incorporate the highest performance and the edgy styling that fans of the original Reference Series have come to expect. The patented R.122 and R.124 feature the third-generation new steel stamped Reference frame. Also included are: oversaturate motor structure for increased magnetic strength, 2.5” 4-layer voice coil with large gauge wire for increased an power handling, oversized concave IMPP primary cone for increased effective surface area and nickel plated 12-gauge spring-loaded compression wire terminals.

SoundStream Tarantula T5 Subwoofers – The Tarantula T5 series subwoofers are also new for 2017. This series is available in 10”, 12” or 15” models according to your parameters. In addition to a 3” high-powered voice coil, this series has several improvements including: direct connection wire leads, over saturated 12mm top plate and t-yoke as well as double-stitched cone to high density poly-ether foam surround for enhanced sound quality. Ranging from 1,300-1,800w of MAX power, this series is competitively priced.

Power Acoustik MOFO Type S – The MOFO Type includes an aluminum alloy dustcap with a 2.5” dual voice coil and a high density reinforced pulp paper cone. New to this series is a formed steel framework, and optimized motor structure. This series is available in MAX power of either 2,200 or 2,500w and mounting depths of 6.00", 6.50" or 7.50” for a wide variety of options. Other features include: 10mm T-Yoke and top plate, stitched voice coil leads and dual poly-cotton suspension. The MOFO Type S offers dynamic sound and performance qualities of other MOFO models while eliminating the need for massive magnets, helping reduce costs.

Consumers looking to buy can locate their nearest dealers at and and entering your zip code.

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