The startup Smack Innovations, a SEMA Launchpad semifinalist, is finally making it safe to do what you probably do already: use apps and features of your phone while driving.

“SafeConnect” is the product that makes this possible.  SafeConnect is an aftermarket product that clamps onto any steering wheel in seconds and has no wires.  A driver can push buttons on SafeConnect to dictate and send text messages and emails, make phone calls, get directions to the cheapest nearby gas station or best nearby restaurant according to yelp, dictate the music he wants to hear on his car speakers, and, someday soon, use any app he has on his phone (safe use of the Facebook app is next on the list).

SafeConnect is better than anything else in the market.  Siri and Google Now may let you do basic phone functions “hands free”, but they don’t work with every app on your phone.  Some cars have built in apps and/or connectivity to your phone for hands free calls, but again, you can’t use the apps that are already on your phone and, unlike SafeConnect, they often make you pay an additional monthly subscription for in-car internet.  Other aftermarket solutions need to be installed in your car by a professional, do only SOME of what SafeConnect can do, and yet cost much more than SafeConnect.

In all, competitors’ solutions are less safe and too expensive.  If you look at the other aftermarket solutions, ALL of them elicit safety concerns and will cost you $800 or more.  In contrast, SafeConnect is safer, has greater functionality, and costs not $800, but $99.

That’s right just $99.  Not only is this dramatically less expensive than the competition, it is also less expensive than the TICKET you could receive if police stop you for using your phone while driving.

And why is SafeConnect so safe?

SafeConnect is the only solution that lets a driver keep his eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and phone in his pocket at all times, no matter what app he’s using.  Competitors have products that are installed into the dashboard and the driver has to take a hand off the wheel and avert his eyes from the road to use it.  In more extreme cases, other competitors have large heads-up display imagery of the user's smart phone that gets superimposed on the entire windshield.  Some also try to accept gesture recognition as driver input which of course forces the driver's hand off the wheel.

Fortunately, SafeConnect has no view screen to distract a driver.  Also, much like the steering wheels of formula one race cars, SafeConnect is focused on tactile controls on the steering wheel.  Research from AAA & the University of Utah tell us that tactile controls are the safest for the car.  

Want to try out a SafeConnect yourself?  We’d love to show it to you at SEMA, but we need a kiosk.  Leading vote getters in the SEMA Launchpad competition get kiosks, so please vote for us here:



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