Atturo Debuts New AZ610 SUV and Crossover Touring Tire at SEMA 2017 - All-Season Performance Tire Features 60,000 Mile Warranty


Atturo Tire announces its new touring tire designed for today's SUVs and crossovers - the AZ610! As the newest addition to our AZ-series of performance tires, the AZ610 will combine a smooth, quiet ride with all-season performance qualities. The AZ610 will debut at SEMA 2017 and be on display at the Atturo booth #43265 South Hall. Offered in a range of T-, H- and V-speed rated Euro-metric sizes, the AZ610 is designed to meet the demands of today's contemporary SUVs and crossovers.

The cross over and small SUV segment is the fastest growing area of the vehicle market. Replacement tire demand for these vehicles is set to explode over the coming few years. Atturo's AZ610's is ready to meet the need with a tread pattern that is capable of performance in all seasons. The stylish sidewall matches the angular design trends in modern examples of these vehicles, making it a perfect tire for OEM replacement. The variable-pitch tread pattern is optimized for a smooth and quiet ride.

The other exceptional value inherent in the AZ610 is the brand-new 60,000 mile tread life warranty - the longest warranty in Atturo history. A tread wear warranty is one of the most sought after features by consumers. This warranty represents another great selling point for dealers to deliver value to their customers.

Here are the AZ610 tire sizes to be released in 2017 with more to come:

235/70R16 106H
245/70R16 111H XL
265/70R16 112H
225/65R17 102H
235/65R17 108H XL
245/65R17 111H XL

215/70R15 98H
215/70R16 100H
225/70R16 103H
245/70R17 110H
235/55R18 104V XL
255/55R18 109V XL
265/60R18 110H

205/70R15 96H
225/70R15 100H
265/75R16 116T
235/70R17 111H XL
265/70R17 115H
265/65R17 112H
265/50R20 112V
275/55R20 117V XL
285/50R20 112V

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