Announcing SATA RPS packaging changes


SATA has changed the look of the RPS cup packaging to update and tie it in with the rest of SATA's branding. The package sizes were changed so the RPS 0.6L and RPS 0.9L packages are now the same dimensions as well as the 0.3L Standard 100 count box.
The RPS 0.3L minijet and RPS 0.3L Standard 40 count packages set side by side are the same size as the larger cup packages providing ease and uniformity when stacking and shipping logistics.
Another change SATA made was cup quantity. Quantities changed just slightly for a few of the cases, the RPS 0.3L minijet and RPS 0.9L cups stayed the same, the RPS 0.6L standard and RPS 0.6L UV went from 57 to 60, the RPS 0.3L Standard changed so now there are two different size options 40 count or 100 count depending on usage the painter now has options.
The new boxes not only have a great new look, but the more glossy surface coating of the box is better suited for humid climates. Another feature, the box has the addition of an easy zipper lid opening, just press your thumb through the marked area and grab the red tab on the side of the case and pull to open the box. No more box knives necessary to properly open the box. The lid flips open for access, and closes to keep them clean. The transition from old to new packaging is well under way depending on inventory rotation.