The SATAjet® 1500 B SoLV solvent spray gun offers great performance at an exceptional price


The new SATAjet® 1500 B SoLV is the perfect addition to the SATA family of spray equipment. With its name, SoLV, short for Solvent, Low VOC and Low Viscosity, it is a spray gun targeted at a specific segment of the collision repair industry. It was designed for full system applications: solvent-based basecoats, either Low VOC or National Rule as well as spraying sealer and clearcoat.
The SATAjet 1500 B SoLV is available in both HVLP and RP, The RP version is now approved for SCAQMD. Pending EPA approval.
Available in both RP and HVLP 1.3 and 1.4 nozzle sizes, the nozzle system meets the demands for topcoat applications and delivers even material distribution throughout the entire spray pattern. The air pressure ranges from 7-29 psi, which allows for a fast working speed. Other benefits are a balanced design, which provides comfort and ergonomics. The easy-to clean durable surface of the spray gun will work with any solvent-based material. The long life stainless nozzle set will last you a long time as well.
The SATAjet 1500 B SoLV is very flexible, and useful when spraying everything from lower solids alkyd enamels, and commercial coatings to high solids acrylic urethanes.
With the slightly shorter, but wider fan, the spray gun is designed with low overspray and a low material consumption. Most common nozzle sizes for your general purpose use would be in HVLP the 1.4, especially if you like to spray fast, or 1.3 if you like to spray a little slower, with more attention to detail, and in the RP model the 1.3. The HVLP uses only 12.4 CFM of air volume at 26 psi inlet pressure and the RP version uses only 10.2 CFM air volume at 29 psi. You should be able to run this with a 5 hp compressor. If you have larger compressors in the shop, it will not work them very hard at all.
To those who are lifelong users or have not used SATA spray guns before, you can’t go wrong, so try SATA’s affordable, high quality SATAjet 1500 B SoLV today.