New Prague, MN - CVF Racing has officially released the all-inclusive Wraptor 8-rib serpentine kit for the highly regarded Chevrolet High Performance LSA supercharged engines.

“Last year was our first year exhibiting at the SEMA show, and we received a tremendous amount of positive feedback for our Wraptor serpentine kits”, says Nate French (Founder and President). “A frequent question we received at the show and thereafter was do we have it available for the LSA. We’re proud to announce that we now do, and we’ll be sharing it with everyone at the upcoming SEMA show along with several other new kits.”.

The Wraptor LSA kit features the unique 8-track serpentine pulley design - which increases grip by up to 33%, reduces stretching and prevents belt slippage when compared to traditional 6 Rib designs. Wraptor kits are also known for their ease of installation with one single bracket and belt, and they include every engine accessory & component a car enthusiast needs to dress up the front of their engine.

CVF Racing broke into the engine dress-up scene in 2009, and has quickly become an industry leader with it’s unique direct to market approach and rapidly growing product line.

“This years SEMA show is going to be incredibly exciting. It’s a great opportunity to share new products and network with your peers. And in addition to the LSA, we’ve got big news to share about our Wraptor line expanding into a new, untapped market as well.”, says Nate.

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