Australian Off-Road Camper Trailer Manufacturer breaks in to the USA market


Australian off-road camper trailer manufacturers Patriot Campers have made their successful debut into the US market after four years of awards dominating the Australian market and reaching a massive 13% market share.

Patriot Campers launched onto the Australian scene with the award winning X1 off-road camper trailer and this model evolved year on year winning Australian Off-road Camper Trailer of the Year every year since its inception. Since then Patriot Campers have expanded their product range to include the stripped-down X2 and the world-renowned range of Supertourer 4X4 vehicles.

Located on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, Patriot Campers has grown from 10 staff to 75 in the past 18 months and in early 2017 made their international debut to an whirlwind of anticipation at the Overland West trade show in Arizona.

Patriot Campers are a marketing success story and in 2017 launched their own television program to a national audience. Patriot Games began airing on July 1st and is a ratings success. The episodes showcase the manufacturing processes and research and development trips that go into building the world's best off-road camper trailer.

Patriot Campers are exhibiting their camper trailers at the 2017 SEMA event and are excited to show the world what the Australian market have come to expect in terms of build quality and innovation.

Patriot Campers are like nothing you've ever seen. Watch this space!