Keeping the pressure under control with the digital SATA adam 2


The accurate and correct setting of the gun inlet pressure is one of the key requirements to ensure perfect color match during the painting process. Whether the pressure is set too low or too high, color deviations will be the undesired result. The consequences are unnecessary rework disrupting the efficient work flow. "Incorrect inlet pressure" can be prevented by using SATA digital spray guns or the accessories SATA adam 2 and SATA adam 2 U.
The SATA adam 2 is the compact retrofit solution for SATA spray guns: It consists of two components: The SATA adam 2 dock replaces the air micrometer of the spray gun, allowing quick and precise adjustment of the spray gun inlet pressure. The second component, the SATA adam 2 display, is safely fitted to the "dock" by a simple sliding action and can be removed in no time at all – for example before cleaning the spray gun in a gun washing machine or to use the "display" on another spray gun with pre-mounted "dock".
The "display" is equipped with the high-precision measuring electronics displaying the inlet pressure with an accuracy of (+/- 0.7 psi). The display screen always remains in the horizontal center position insuring readability of the pressure at all times. The "display" can be easily cleaned with a cloth soaked in cleaning agent.
The "docks" are separately available allowing to retrofit all your SATA spray guns. The big advantage: With one SATA adam 2 display only, your entire spray gun inventory can be cost-efficiently "digitalized".
With the universal SATA adam 2 U, all other types of guns can also be digitized: for example the SATA dry jet blow gun as well as all spray guns of other makes. The adjustment screw on the side of the SATA adam 2 dock allows to set the pressure precisely.
SATA dock, this retrofit unit offers even further options for digital pressure control: Combined with the SATA adam 2 display, it replaces any analog pressure gauge with G 1/8 male thread, e.g. on pneumatically operated systems or when upgrading an existing SATA air micrometer with analog pressure gauge #27771 as well as SATA filters to digital.

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