Dan-Am Air®Advanced Aluminum Air Pipe System


Today’s clean air requirements are more critical than ever. Air tools, blow driers, HVLP spray guns, and supplied air respirators may require more air volume and better air quality than needed in the past. Not only does clean air effect equipment performance, but it is also critical for paint coatings performance. Dan-Am Air, along with SATA filtration can solve all of these issues.
Dan-Am Air is lightweight, aircraft grade, powder coated aluminum, which provides clean, dry air up to 232 psi. The reinforced composite Nylon fittings have dual seals, which rest on un-scraped pipe, providing a leak free guarantee. Our Press-to-Connect fittings feature a full bore design for turbulence free air delivery. This quick, instant connection eliminates the need to thread, solder or glue, accounting for far less installation times than traditional copper or black pipe.
We also stock a large array of threaded connectors and adapters, allowing Dan-Am Air to be integrated into existing systems without compromising performance, making DAA perfect for upgrade or expansion projects.
Designed with simplicity in mind, DAA allows you to do-it-yourself. Measure, cut, de-burr, then simply Press-to-Connect, equaling lower installation times and cost. All fittings arrive pre-torqued for immediate assembly and pressurization, as well as being interchangeable, allowing for ease of future addition or expansion. “This “Press-to-Connect” subject tends to be the most misunderstood instructions in the DAA system. We have all been taught since we were young, to loosen a given item, put it together, then tighten it back up, right? That is wrong with Dan-Am Air. DO NOT loosen fitting caps before installation. It really is as simple as push the fitting onto the pipe until it bottoms out. Done. Stop. Move on. The only reason to loosen a fitting cap, is to remove the fitting from the pipe. Loosening the cap relieves the pressure on the grip ring, allowing you to gently back out the pipe. To reuse any given fitting, simply re-torque the fitting cap to factory specs (line the arrows up, see figure 1), and “Press-to-Connect. As each cap is individual to its fitting, the arrows are either solid, or hollow respectively. Fitting caps are NOT interchangeable.
DAA also allows you to take your investment with you in the case of relocation, as all components are reusable.
Product design and support is readily available from Dan-Am Company. They also have all products on hand and ready to ship, as well as in-house support for quotes and general information.
Dan-Am Co., is the Exclusive Importer of SATA Products for the US and Puerto Rico. Anywhere you can purchase SATA Products, also has access to our Dan-Am lines as well, including Dan-Am Air.
Please visit our Website at www.danamair.com, as well as our Facebook page www.facebook.com/danamaluminumairline for recent install pics, comments etc. Both of these have proven to be valuable resources for customers to understand exactly what can be accomplished with SATA and Dan-Am Air combined.
Brad Gravenhof has been in the automotive industry for over 30 years and serves as DanAm Company’s Sales and Technical DanAm Air Specialist.

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