As the Custom Wheel Market Flatlines Corleone Forged Transcends the Market to All New Heights.


2017 has proven that Corleone Forged is the premier industry leader in custom wheels for any and all applications ranging from Highly modified lifted trucks down to exotics and classic cars. Designed and manufactured in Fort Worth Texas provides Corleone Forged the ability to capture the spirit of the deep south car movement while bringing together the eastern and western car scene. No job is too big or too small as every design and wheel are tailor made to fit each car exactly to the client's specs. The Authorized Corleone Forged dealer list is growing and no matter where the wheels are purchased any client is welcome to visit the Fort Worth facility and see their wheels come to life. 2018 promises big advancements in revolutionary designs. If you haven’t heard of them yet Corleone Forged is coming in strong and is a name no one is soon to forget.