eJudged Digital Judging Technology comes to The SEMA Show


The eJudged digital judging technology has been utilized during the SEMA Show since the brand’s official launch in 2013 by the amazing judges behind the Mothers Polish Award. This year the eJudged brand will be taking another step forward with their own booth display and activation. The partners at eJudged are no stranger to the SEMA Show, being a part of over 20 award winning vehicle builds over the past 10+ years and guest judging some of the most exciting programs to host competitions at the event. This year they will bring their expertise and unique product to the forefront, allowing event promoters, vehicle builders, shops, and automotive enthusiasts a chance to interact with the eJudged app within their booth – SEMA Booth 50919 to be specific.

In addition, eJudged will be producing their own SEMA Show Floor award series. The competition will consist of 10-15 unique awards, recognizing builders and vehicles that represent all facets of car culture. This will be a reflection of the product’s diversity, with partners from all over the automotive community. Awards will be presented to the vehicle builders throughout the week and will also be streamed live via social media. In addition, eJudged will recognize their first official “circuit champion”. Their 2017 Powered by eJudged Championship Belt will be presented to the top competitor of the year throughout all “powered by eJudged” events nationwide and internationally.

SEMA Awards will be curated to suit some of eJudged’s top event clients/partners. Stay tuned as award titles begin to surface.