GEN-Y Hitch Continues to Revolutionize With Industry first, Frame Mounted Torsion Suspension Hitch


INDIANA- A brand new trail is being blazed by Northern Indiana's GEN-Y Hitch this week as they unveil their industry changing, frame mounted, bolt on torsion suspension hitch.
GEN-Y, who is known for having the toughest, most versatile drop hitches on the market, is upping the ante again with a hitch that not only deals with the up and down of towing, but the forward inertia as well.

"It's not even a game's a new game altogether," said GEN-Y National Sales Manager, Joel Helmuth. "The Torsion Suspension Hitch is taking the inertia out between truck and trailer by up to 90% which greatly decreases wear and tear on your vehicle and trailer, not to mention drastically improves your ride quality and decreases driver fatigue."

"We want to be constantly innovating so we can continue to solve industry problems and bring GEN-Y customers the best products they have ever seen, each and every time," said GEN-Y founder, Carl Borkholder. "We know that there are other hitches on the market, but we want it to be more than just "another hitch"...we want to be the industry leaders in cutting edge problem solving for our industry. We think that the Torsion Suspension Hitch does exactly that."

GEN-Y Industries was formed in 2011 by Carl Borkholder who remains the sole member of this Indiana limited liability company based in the Northern Indiana community of Bremen, Indiana. The foundations of GENY Hitch were based upon the involvement of Carl in the recreational vehicle industry centered in nearby Elkhart County, Indiana as well as Carl's involvement in the ownership and operation of a business which provided commercial tree care services.
For more information about GENY Hitch's new Torsion Suspension Hitch, or for interview opportunities with Joel Helmuth or Carl Borkholder, contact Marketing Director, Jeff Petermann via email: