Epsilon Electronics Inc. Introduces New Soundstream Dual Screen Head Unit


Montebello, CA (June 26, 2017) - Epsilon Electronics Inc. has introduced a ground breaking new product for the Soundstream line. The patent-pending Soundstream dual-screen navigation MHL head unit is scheduled is currently accepting dealer orders.

“We are excited to introduce this innovative, cutting edge new product to the U.S Market,” said Paul Goldberg, vice-president, sales & marketing for Epsilon Electronics.

Soundstream’s Dual Display Multimedia System is the first of its kind, enabling multitask functionality in a car stereo application. Concurrent operating systems running simultaneously allow the user to operate the two different platforms. The user then has the option to control the included iGO powered GPS system on the upper display, or Android Phonelink, which mirrors the screen of their enabled smart device. The second operating system includes enhanced features of a car multimedia system; DVD, Bluetooth Connectivity, audio/video media playback by USB, FM receiver, rearview camera, etc.

Model Number: VRN-007HB
Dual 7” Glass Panels w/ Smart Sense Touch Screen Technology

Built-In iGO Primo GPS turn-by-turn Navigation for USA

Bluetooth 4.0 w/ Enhanced Data Rate increases traditional data transfer rates to 2.1 Mbit/s.

2A 5-Volt USB Adaptive Fast Charging for Mobile Devices

For additional information please visit www.epsilonelectronics.com.

About Epsilon Electronics Inc.

Epsilon Electronics Inc. operates as a corporate umbrella for various brands that includes: Soundstream, Power Acoustik, Precision Power, Farenheit, and NESA. Their name brand products are sold in over 2,000 locations across the USA. It is also a top 12 Volt brand in over 55 countries worldwide. In addition, Epsilon is the second largest aftermarket car video supplier in the United States. As an innovator in the industry, Epsilon holds 13 key industry patents. Furthermore, each year they offer products with features that improve upon previous models, as well as customers’ expectations.

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