The PTP BMW S63 Turbo Blanket


Austin, Texas--BMW’s S63 engine—happily situated in the M5 and M6 models—features twin turbochargers nestled in the V between cylinder banks. The proximity of each turbocharger to their respective exhaust outlets has reduced turbo lag by reducing exhaust heat loss. While this heat is great for the turbos, excessive heat radiating from turbochargers and high engine-bay temperatures is a well-known problem among street, race and performance car enthusiasts. To combat this, PTP Turbo Blankets is proud to announce, as of June 2014, the arrival of the BMW S63 lava turbo blanket.

The S63 Turbo Blanket is specifically designed to fit the S63 turbochargers, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. The turbo blanket is a mesh-weave of actual volcanic lava rock (continuous-filament basalt). The S63 Turbo Blanket is designed to meet the already stunning performance demands of the BMW M5 and M6 while being one of the most affordable and practical methods of reducing engine bay temperatures and improving spool rates. The S63 turbo blanket increases intercooler efficiency by retaining as much heat as possible in the turbine housing of the turbochargers, which helps maintain intake air temperatures, resulting in denser oxygen fed to the cylinders.

The University of Texas at Austin’s Engines and Automotive Research Program had this to say about a PTP turbo blanket tested on a 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine, “…[t]he turbo spooled up more rapidly with the turbo blanket installed in comparison to the baseline configuration,” and that “…[i]n all cases [PTP turbo blanket usage] resulted in an improved boost performance in the intake and a significant time-to-torque advantage of the engine . . .” (p.V) The full report is available at A soft copy can be requested at

Learn more about the S63 turbo blanket, and other BMW-specific products at PTP Turbo Blankets will be at SEMA 2014, booth 20076.

About PTP Turbo Blankets:
PTP Turbo Blankets manufactures and sells a variety of automotive thermal management products. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas and has been featured in multiple publications and television shows, such as Import Tuner Magazine, Two Guys Garage, and Car Fix: High Performance Road Trip.