Baja Designs is ready to give the lights of Sin City a run for their money.


Baja Designs can proudly say that LED lights are officially the wave of the future. With a 4,300 lumen count and power draw of 42 watts, the new Squadron® XL is the only single housing light on the market that has the distance of an 8" HID with the smooth spread of an LED.

Designed specifically for traditional Offroad enthusiasts, the Squadron® XL-R combines the modern technology of the Squadron® XL LED light with the classic esthetic of a 6” round HID. Utilizing an interchangeable round bezel, your Squadron® XL may be converted to an XL-R, or purchased with the round bezel installed.

Guaranteed to provide the farthest projection of any LED light bar on the planet! NEW OnX® 6 High Speed Spot™ reflectors combined with XM-L2 LEDs generate 6,450 lumens per 10” section. Standard industry sizing means the OnX 6 is compatible with most mounting systems. *Light Bar includes rock guard.

User serviceable lenses and optics. BD’s unique use of O-ring seals and individual reflectors allows the consumer to change the water and dust proof lens, or even the reflectors. As a result, BD LED lights will truly last a lifetime and will always have the pattern that you want. When you consider that BD also includes a limited lifetime warranty on all their lights, uService™ offers the ultimate in purchase protection.

CopperDrive™ Thermal Management System utilizes copper boards, which transfers heat away from the LEDs 60% more efficiently than Aluminum boards- a technology that allows BD to be one of the only companies that can safely run high powered LEDs at full power and brightness. BD’s CopperDrive™ boards are combined with an aircraft grade, computer designed aluminum heat sink. Next a thermal gap pad is added to efficiently transfer heat to the heat sink and provide vibration dampening. Lastly, computer controlled thermistors constantly monitor the temperature at the LED to ensure brightness and longevity.

Baja Designs Multi-form Optics create a variety of prismatic patterns that make it possible to put more light exactly where you need it. Choose from Spot, High Speed Spot™, Driving, Fog/Cornering and Work/Flood patterns. Designed in house by Baja Designs' team of racers and engineers who identify with the lighting needs of all types of drivers and riders.

Media Contact:Trent Kirby - Marketing Director
Baja Designs
ABOUT BAJA DESIGNS: Since 1992 Baja Designs has been driven to provide high quality, custom off-road equipment utilizing technical innovations backed by real world and racing experience. Originally the leading supplier of street-legal dual-sport kits, Baja Designs has matured to become the premier supplier of off-road race lighting, as well many other bike, truck, ATV, mining, industrial and agricultural lighting products. Countless racing wins have earned Baja Designs a solid reputation in the powersports and motorsports industries as well as being selected as a supplier to the U.S. Special Forces. Baja Designs, the Scientists of Lighting, continuously bring you … bright ideas made better!
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