The First Self Learning Cruise Control is Now Available in North America


The Smart Line Cruise Control by BDI (Brandon Distributing, Inc.)

Brandon Distributing, Inc. is proud to announce the exclusive distribution in North America of cruise controls manufactured by Lite-On Automotive Corporation.

The SMART LINE AP900c's extensive product testing, evaluation and product usage in Asia, Australia and the European markets is what gives it a significant advantage for electronic interface Drive by Wire installations today.

The SMART LINE AP900c is the 1st Self Learning ETC (Drive by Wire)cruise control on the market today. It can be installed on most ETC (Drive by Wire) vehicles in Can-Bus or Analog mode. Suitable for multiple vehicle applications and it utilizes a vehicle specific or a universal harness. It also learns your vehicles pedal parameters which helps eliminate the vehicle from going into limp mode. Calibration for your specific vehicle installation is performed while you drive it down the road. This procedure is "State of the Art" and allows for precise adjustments to suit the mannerisms or driver requirements.

The SMART LINE AP500 is your cable driven solution. With its self learning technology, there are NO more dip switches to set, just drive down the road and it will calibrate to your vehicles correct settings. Sensitivity and rate of initial engagement may also be individually adjusted while driving the vehicle. This makes for a perfect fit for the Hot Rod Market.

Picking the right cruise control for the job just got easier. The SMART LINE cruise control eliminates the requirement to carry multiple cruise control models. with the launch of our Custom Service Tool Program: you will be able to download vehicle information directly to the main module. This has the potential to reduce your inventory requirements significantly.

We are very excited about the release of our "SMART LINE" cruise controls in North America and are looking forward to helping you fall in love with them.

Information about: Lite-On Automotive Corporation

Lite-On Automotive Corporation was founded in 1979 and merged into Lite-On Group in 1992.
The Lite-On Group is one of the most successful international conglomerates based in Taiwan. With over 35 years experience in manufacturing and designing electronic products for the OEM automotive industry, the company has gain strong recognition for quality and reliability. It is due to such uncompromising quality assurance programs, including the activities for ISO 9000, that Lite-On Group has attracted customers such as GM; FORD;MITSUBISHI;CHRYSLER;FED EX;NISSAN ALTIA to name a few. You can expect the very best in quality, value and service as Lite-On automotive Corporation is committed to providing nothing less. Current market: Eastern & Western Europe/Russia/Asia/Australia/New Zealand/North America.

Information about: Brandon Distributing, Inc.

Brandon Distributing, Inc. was founded in 1998 in Elk River, MN. The main focus for the company has been to distribute quality products at affordable pricing and offer quality technical service of the products we carry for the Aftermarket Industry. We sell mostly to the dealer expediter,automotive/stereo shops and dealerships in North America. We have distributed many different product lines throughout the years. We strive to listen to our customers wants and needs. We research and evaluate new products, and strive to keep current with the ever changing world of technology. We currently distribute for: AEW Products; ATP Products;Brandmotion;Essex;Mito/Gentex;Nav-TV;Pacific Restylers and Spal.

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