JOOLTOOL by Anie sets a new benchmark in all-in-one sharpening & polishing systems.

JOOLTOOL by Anie, based in Los Angeles, California, just released a revolutionary power tool, the JOOLTOOL X. This multi-functional grinder, sharpener and polisher uses patented slotted discs which hold a variety of industrial 3M PSA abrasives. As the disc spins, the slots create a transparency effect so you see through the wheel while you grind, sharpen & polish. The JOOLTOOL’s unrivaled visiblity extends all the way to the very edge of the abrasive disc.

You can work using three methods while seeing the action as it happens.
1. Tool Rest side for Flat blade sharpening
2. Tool Rest side for Drill bit sharpening
3. Free-hand method for custom metalwork

1. Use the Tool Rest’s Flat blade side for sharpening the bevel of pneumatic chisels and flat cutting blades up to 2.75"-wide. The pivoting Tool Rest locks at 5° increments from 15° to 45° to cover most tool bevel angles and you can also set your own custom in-between angles. A sliding guide on the face of the rest keeps the tool square when sharpening. Deburring is a breeze, the disc’s true and flat face gives perfectly uniform edges. The metal always stays cool and keeps its temper thanks to patented self-cooling technology. The entire process takes a few seconds and is clean and waterless.

2. Use the Tool Rest’s Drill Bit side for sharpening drill bits and rounded cutters up to 1/2” diameter. The pivoting Tool Rest locks at 60, 90, 118 and 135° presets so getting precise, repeatable angles is quick and easy. Simply slide the drill bit through the guide and touch the spinning abrasive. Done.

3. Use the free-hand method for sharpening, sanding and polishing workpieces and tools of nearly any shape. Simply choose among the wide selection of 3M abrasives for any task: sharpen carbide drill bits with Diamond abrasives. Tackla cutters, sheet-metal shears and pneumatic chisels with Ceramic discs. Restore and polish car parts, plastic and glass with Scotchbrite and Felt wheels. The best thing is you can actually see the abrasive action in real-time.

The JOOLTOOOL X is virtually a machine-shop-in-a-box. Its patented design also transforms it into a bench-type grinder and polisher. It can also undock from its base and be used as an ergonomic, handheld finisher. Install the Flexible shaft attachment and it turns into a variable-speed, precision rotary tool.
“The market was in need of innovation, especially in the multi-tool category,” says Anie Piliguian, JOOLTOOL by Anie CEO and designer. “Extreme professionals switch projects quickly but can’t always carry a truckload of tools wherever they go. The JOOLTOOL answers their need by quickly adapting to all of their sharpening, grinding, finishing and polishing needs, all in one compact, rugged package.” The JOOLTOOL is available in kits for any budget or project, bringing professional-quality finishes to do-it-yourselfers of any skill level.

Source: JOOLTOOL by Anie.

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