Vision Engraving & Routing Systems Introduces Their new Oscillating Knife



(Phoenix, AZ) – Vision Engraving & Routing Systems, is pleased to announce their all new oscillating knife. By integrating an Oscillating Knife with their tried-and-true CNC routing systems, Vision gives customers the ability to cut semi rigid materials with the precision, quality and ease of use their software and machines are known for.

Shop owners and businesses challenged by space and budget constraints will want to take a closer look at Vision’s line of CNC routers and the many options available with them. Options like the new oscillating knife, engraving head, high frequency router, high speed NSK spindle, Raster™ pen braille insertion tool, DACS (Digitally Aligned Cutting System) and UNIST misting system. These options allow Vision owners to do a variety of applications and work with a variety of materials, from stainless steel to single-ply cloth. Vision’s ingenuity and robust systems allow their customers to do more with just one machine saving space, time and money and find new markets to increase their profitability!

With Vision’s new oscillating knife option, you’ll be able to work with a variety of non rigid materials and applications such as paper, foam, coroplast, foam board, gatorboard, cardboard, fabrics, leather, magnetics, wood veneer, laminates, pre-preg, cork, rubber, gaskets, carpet, felt, vinyl, foil and more.

Oscillating Knife Construction:
• CNC machined, rugged full metal housing
• Precision-ground kinematics
• Multiple ball bearing drive motor Optoelectronic, non-contact and wear-free detection of the blade position

For more information about the new Oscillating Knife, or for questions about engraving and routing machines, please contact the Vision sales office at (888) 637-1737 or visit online at

About Vision Engraving & Routing Systems: VISION ENGRAVING & ROUTING SYSTEMS manufactures a complete line of computerized engraving and routing machines. With over 31 years in business, Vision has established a reputation for the highest quality engraving products. Proudly made in the USA, Vision’s product line offers a wide range of rotary systems that will suit most any marking application. The Vision product line includes a variety of machines for a range of budgets and applications for business, from small-format and specialty engravers to large-format, heavy-duty engravers and routers. Vision also manufactures an extensive line of engraving fixtures, clamps, and other work-holding devices that help engrave more effectively and efficiently.