Parker Ionics Launches GX8500 Manual Hand Guns


Westland, MI - Parker Ionics, a world leader in powder coating application technology, is proud to announce the latest in Advanced Corona Charging Technology using its patented Pulse Power II in the GX8500 series of powder coating hand gun units.
The second generation Pulse Power™ technology enables coaters to more readily apply powder in difficult Faraday Cage areas across a variety of applications. Developed on the successful first generation Pulse Power, Pulse Power II provides constant gun current even if the distance between the gun and part varies. The result is improved corner penetration, ease in recoating or base – top coat combinations, smoother coating films and uniform film thickness.
“The GX8500 series with Pulse Power II technology has already proven to be the most advanced powder coating gun available on the market,” states John Cole President and COO of Parker Ionics USA. “Our testing and demos to customers have proven ease of use, higher transfer efficiency, and ability to easily coat Faraday Cage areas,” says Cole.
The new digital control system allows for gun voltage, current output, and air flow to be changed independently. The GX385 control system can memorize up 250 coating recipes for quick transitions between different part styles.
GX8500 series unit configurations include: Fluidizing Hoppers, (2L, 30L & 60L), Box Feed and Cup Stands. Adjustable fan and diffuser nozzles are standard. Options include: low velocity “K” style fan nozzles, flexible conductive hoses and extensions up to 1000mm in length.
Parker Ionics’ “Everyday Pricing” systems start at $3,395.00 for the GX8500CS.
Parker Ionics is a subsidiary of Nihon Parkerizing Co., of Tokyo Japan. For consultation on your specific powder coating application needs contact:
Parker Ionics
38147 Abruzzi Drive
Westland, MI 48185 USA
734-326-7630 tel.