Quick Pressure Tire Monitors


“Manufacturer of the Quick Pressure tire pressure monitors. Easily check your tire pressure at a glance, without a gauge. Drive safely knowing your tires are properly inflated for safe driving and potential fuel savings.”

Quick Pressure makes it easy for drivers to check tire pressure at a glance before driving and without any tools.
• ALL GREEN: Properly inflated
• PART RED/PART GREEN: Approximately 10% underinflated
• ALL RED: Approximately 25% underinflated, ADD AIR ASAP!

Quick Pressure monitors are available for specific tire pressures from 26 to 165 PSI (proper PSI is shown on vehicle driver side door). The USA-assembled monitors are hermetically sealed to be air and watertight and carry a one-year unconditional guarantee on performance and accuracy.

The monitors are available in chrome plated brass and polycarbonate to complement any custom wheel. Fits: passenger vehicles, SUVs, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, RVs and Commercial Vehicles.

Retail for a set of four monitors is average $19.00 (chrome plated brass) or $12.99 (polycarbonate) for most passenger vehicles, and $7.75 per tire for commercial vehicles and RVs. For more information on Quick Pressure and tire safety, visit them online at www.tireqp.com or call (425) 298-8452.

Quick Pressure is a manufacturing company which produces tire pressure monitor products and makes sales through e-commerce (www.tireqp.com), retailers and distributors worldwide.