Makers of SLAMSTOP Captures Success at SEMA 2013 Show: Innovative Door Retracting System


SLAMSTOP, a division of the Upstream Capital Management PTE.LTD, was thrilled to announce the launch of the new innovative door retracting system technology to the USA automotive market at this year’s “SEMA Show” taking place this past week in Las Vegas.
The SLAMSTOP booth, over the course of the four days, was visited by more than 10,000 attendees who were intrigued by the new innovative solution which highlights universality, simplicity, reliability.
The key result of participation at SEMA Show 2013: SLAMSTOP has a brilliant future and garnered lots of perspectives. “American Market is important strategically for us. We are ready to present unique and innovation product which had been only available for the luxury segment of automotive market in the past. We’re geared to offer this for every car or truck,” commented Alexander Abdullaev, Vice President of Upstream Capital Management PTE.LTD:

SLAMSTOP will officially launch March 2014 across an international platform with anticipated sales generating in 23 countries of the world, including USA, China, South Korea, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries.
Alexander Abdullaev continues, “We`re using customized approach to our partners and oriented to strong business partnership. We’re looking forward to SLAMSTOP quickly penetrating the markets so that it is readily available for consumers who may be specifically seeking a product like SLAMSTOP which, until now, wasn’t available.”
The system is compatible with various types of doors in cars of any class, regardless of age and model. What used to be a privilege of luxury car owners is now available to anyone who cares about their car. Minivan owners can also enjoy the silence as universal SLAMSTOP system is compatible with sliding doors. Installing the device does not require any external changes in the car and does not involve changes in other components and mechanisms.

You can have SLAMSTOP installed at the nearest car service center and it shouldn’t take more time than watching your favorite movie. SLAMSTOP doesn’t change the look and performance of your car. It`s powered by your car’s 12V DC electrical system.
SLAMSTOP complies with all relevant international standards, including ISO/TS 16949:2002 and has been tested for 30,000 cycles preserving operation in a temperature range of -104 to +185 ° F.
Forget worrying about the doors not being fully closed when driving with a child, an elderly person or a fellow passenger who might have failed to fully close the door after getting in.
For more information about SLAMSTOP, visit Media may arrange an interview with company management by calling (772) 633-8337.
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