Cosworth Announces Strategic Software Calibration Partnership with EcuTek


(NOVEMBER 6, 2013, TORRANCE, CA) -- Cosworth today announced the formation of a strategic alliance with EcuTek International Ltd to develop and distribute high-performance software calibration tuning solutions for the automotive aftermarket.

The partnership allows the two companies to leverage their technology engineering capabilities and develop market-leading products. Cosworth will become an EcuTek Master Tuner, offering customers newly launched products as well as providing access to EcuTek's full suite through Cosworth’s global network of more than 200 specialist distributors.

“Cosworth delivers performance advantage through superior engineering design and manufacturing,” said Mark Holcombe, Cosworth’s head of Aftermarket Services. “Our partnership with leading calibration software specialist EcuTek will result in a range of high-tech power packages, giving our customers formidable and consistent performance.”

The first product already developed under the partnership is the Cosworth Stage 1 power package for the BRZ / FR-S’ FA20 engine. The new power package includes a tuned stainless steel exhaust system, a 4 into 2 into 1 exhaust manifold, a high-flow sports CAT and a performance panel air filter.
The process called for a complete new ECU map to ensure the engine worked in conjunction with these tuning parts without giving error codes or flashing warning lights. The impressive solution from Cosworth and EcuTek was to develop four new switchable maps.

Mode 1 is the wake up mode that the engine always starts in to limit performance to stock until the engine has warmed up and will allow the vehicle to operate on everyday 95 RON fuel.
Mode 2 can only be selected when the engine has warmed up and operates best on 98 RON fuel enabling the down-shift auto blip feature.
Mode 3 enhances Mode 2 with the addition of flat foot shifting feature for fast full throttle gear changes.
Mode 4 builds again on Mode 3 but now with the addition of launch control to maximise acceleration from standing starts.

Down-shift auto blip, flat foot shifting and launch control are Cosworth ECU features made possible using unique EcuTek technology.

The Cosworth BRZ power package has been achieved using EcuTek’s ProECU Tuning Tools and is delivered through their ProECU Programming Kits. These tools include high speed data logging, enhanced diagnostics and calibration control over areas such as fuelling, ignition and cam timing as well as direct and port injection strategy. They also allow unique software features to be added, such as closed loop boost control, speed density tuning and a superior traction control strategy using the standard ECU’s hardware.

“Cosworth and EcuTek are a perfect fit,” said Tobin Sinclair, Sales and Marketing Director at EcuTek. “With Cosworth's track record of motorsport-inspired high-performance engineering and EcuTek 's reputation for innovative software engineering, we will deliver a winning partnership. Harnessing Cosworth’s global distribution channel of over 200 specialist tuning suppliers will continue to build our worldwide network and give even more tuners access to EcuTek’s software excellence.”

The first products from the partnership of Cosworth and EcuTek will be showcased at Booth #23324 of the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

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