15% less paint used...Guaranteed-SEMA BOOTH 10669


If saving 15% in paint cost appeals to you, then take a look at what NitroHeat is doing for shops-Booth 10669.

NitroHeat is an affordable, efficient heated nitrogen system designed to plug right into your compressed air system, converting air to 98% nitrogen. It atomizes and lays down better while flashing off faster. Shorter tack times, faster to dust-free, and less waiting between coats means more efficient throughput – up to 20% faster. Manufacturers report material savings up to 35%! 15% less paint used...Guaranteed!

World renowned for providing tools to impact efficiency, Wedge Clamp Systems is now saving shops time and money in more than 27 countries. Stop by at SEMA-Booth 10669, visit www.wedgeclamp.com or call 1-800-615-9949.