Performance Gateway Announces Launch of Gateway Scorecard


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Performance Gateway Announces Launch of Gateway Scorecard
Collision Repairers Can Track Important KPIs and Compare Against Competition

Madison, WI – Performance Gateway™ recently introduced a new product at NACE: Gateway Scorecard for Collision Repair Centers. Gateway Scorecard measures key metrics and obtains data in real time, and can help shops compare their operation to others in the industry.

Tracking a repair shop’s key performance indicators (KPIs) is important to a repairer’s success. However, much of the technology, and the management of that technology, has been introduced by insurance or vehicle manufacturer certification programs. With the introduction of the Gateway Scorecard for collision repair centers, repairers can now independently monitor important KPIs. Shops will have the ability to proactively manage efficiency, profitability and customer service within their shop by comparing their operation against industry targets and regional comparisons. It also puts them on track for performance-based referrals.

Troy Gates, the CEO of Performance Gateway, and owner of seven collision repair centers, has been developing repair shop management technology since 1999. Realizing that KPI-tracking software to date has primarily been adopted and controlled by insurers and manufacturers, Performance Gateway set out to develop a product that allowed repairers independent access to their shop’s performance data. Additionally, Performance Gateway wanted a product that all shops could use independent of any sponsored program to improve efficiencies, market themselves, and, above all, gain referrals based on performance.

Kelly Gatzke, Product Director at Performance Gateway, has done extensive research with repairers to discover what is needed to prepare shops for how Performance Based assignments will transform the industry. “Gateway Scorecard was designed to help shops stay on top of the game in this competitive environment where the highest performing shops will earn more workflow rather than the closest one. We kept performance improvement foremost in our mind. To help shops achieve this goal, we also understand how important a user-friendly interface is so Gateway Scorecard’s easy-to-read, attractive format allows users to interpret data quickly to enable more effective decisions. The format will also help shops to market themselves directly to consumers, manufacturer certification programs, insurer sponsorship programs, or other potential referral sources,” she said.

Repairers who reviewed Gateway Scorecard at NACE gave it high marks. They quickly realized that its capacity to monitor shop operations in real time and drill down to estimate level would be an invaluable management tool. Many also felt that being able to compare and rate themselves with their peers nationally or locally could be an effective marketing tool. The two-fold impact as both a management and a marketing tool makes Gateway Scorecard the type of product that shops need in order to succeed in the future.

Performance Gateway is offering a free 90-day trial of Gateway Scorecard to collision repair shops. For more information visit or click on the following link: For those attending SEMA, you may visit the Performance Gateway booth (#16722) to sign up or learn more.

ABOUT Performance Gateway: Performance Gateway is a worldwide vendor of powerful web-based platforms that is improving the insurance company/collision repair center relationship. Our goal is to drive network performance via our suite of network/claims management tools: Network Management, Scorecard and Assignment Workflow.  For more information, please contact Kelly Gatzke at (608) 512-7613 or Performance Gateway is located at 2418 Crossroads Drive, Suite 3600 Madison, WI 53718, Tel: (877) 933-2063.

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