BXR Motors Unveils the Bailey Blade XTR at SEMA 2013


BXR Motors will unveil their first American supercar, the Bailey Blade XTR at SEMA Show 2013.

The Bailey Blade XTR features performance and luxury, blending the best features from top-of-the-line vehicles, classic and current. The Bailey Blade XTR has 750 horsepower and twin-turbos under the hood making this speed demon go from zero-to-sixty in 3.2 seconds. The Bailey Blade XTR also features:
• 5.0 L all aluminum engine
• Kevlar composite body, carbon fiber option
• 4-wheel SLA suspension
• Electric variable height adjustment shocks
• Active aero technology
• And more

In 2010, Neal Bailey, founder of BXR Motors, decided to put his passion, design, and engineering background to work and build a car that would showcase gorgeous, classic lines and the roar of a full-blooded performance car. Bailey began building his dream car in his own home garage with minimal resources.

The BXR Motors team has since grown to include experts in the industry that offer valuable skills and ingenuity to the production of the Blade XTR.

The Bailey Blade XTR will be available for purchase by late 2014. For information about position sales, visit www.bxrmotors.com/reserve.

About BXR Motors:
In 2010, Neal Bailey started creating his own home garage-based supercar project in north Texas. In early 2013, BXR Motors gained investors and the project moved to a professional shop. The SEMA Show 2013 serves as the official unveiling for the Bailey Blade XTR, BXR Motor’s first prototype vehicle. BXR Motors is dedicated to designing, developing, and delivering the highest-quality American supercar to auto-lovers worldwide through big dreams fueled by passion, excellence, and determination.

Visit www.bxrmotors.com

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