Rigid Industries LED Lighting Brings Innovation to the Forefront of Lighting with Revolutionizing the Legacy LED Light Bar


Phoenix, AZ (November 4, 2013) With the holiday season right around the corner, Rigid Industries LED Lighting® announced Monday they are rolling out over 100 new Sku’s, but it was the company’s legacy line, the E-Series LED light bar, and now the new addition appropriately named E2™ that stole the show.

Rigid Industries unveiled the new E-Series legacy LED light bar with its new form factor, increased specs, and not one penny increase in price.

The E-Series and E2 have integrated advances in technology to the circuit boards to make nearly a 30% increase in output, the lengths of 4”, 6” and 10” also received a stylistic change made to decrease the entrance points of particles from the environment into the housings, and added a built-in Deutsch plug, the first ever LED light bar on the market has upped the ante. With the increase in efficiency and output, this indestructible light bar will trump the new entries that come to market and will keep the foreign knockoff companies guessing. According to Rigid Industries CEO Jason Christiansen, it’s the highest tier light of its kind, currently on the market, and will revolutionize itself to ensure it stays miles ahead of other light companies’ technology today and into the future guaranteed.

The new E2™ utilizes Rigid Industries patented Specter optics system for great amount of light spread and debuts the all new patent pending Hyperspot optic. The Hyperspot delivers a tight five degree beam pattern, incredible distance and the brightest center intensity. The combos that use both optics are available for the best mix of distance and spread. A Diffusion option is offered in certain lengths for scene and area lighting needs.
The birth of the new patent pending Hyperspot optic system found in most “2” families of lights, delivers an intense concentrated light beam of a 5 degree ultra-narrow concentrated Spot beam pattern, patent pending revolutionary aperture system blocks unused light for a “clean beam”. The Hyperspot is guaranteed to have the highest intensity per watt or square inch on the market with the furthest distance projected. The Hyperspot is best used in combination with another optic to achieve the greatest distance and spread. Look for the E2, SR2, D2, Q2, SRQ2 and in future light family’s.

The new products will be very good LED lights for a long time, arguably making them the most “future-proof” LED lights ever made by Rigid Industries. Balancing innovation with refinement and delivering excellence in innovation.

The whole package is better than the sum of its parts. Customers quickly realize that the Rigid Industries light bar doesn’t need mind-numbing new technologies to be a great light, but they do it anyhow. Rigid cares as much about refinement as it does innovation, and the E-Series two-piece housings and increase in output, and the E2 are an embodiment of that concept.

About Rigid Industries:
Thanks to its unparalleled patented Hybrid, Specter and new Hyperspot optics and its torture-tested housings, Rigid Industries® is a world leader in the forward projecting LED lighting industry. Rigid LED lighting products can be used in a plethora of applications across industries such as: agriculture, construction, emergency response, industrial, marine, military, mining, and off-road and power sports. Rigid Industries® is committed to providing innovative technologies and always guarantees a quality product which has been designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. For more information and a comprehensive list of products, visit www.rigidindustries.com or follow the company on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.