Walcom Thermodry Technology Announces Exclusive Offer During SEMA


Walcom Thermodry Technology has announced an exciting offer exclusively available for SEMA attendees and members. Walcom is offering 0% interest for 12 months or 90 days deferred payment on equipment leases for the innovative TD3 Pro, TD3 and TD1 thermodry systems.

That means no money down until your second quarter, so you can utilize Walcom’s unique lean-processing technique to cut costs associated with escalating prices and EPA fees.

Walcom has a complete line of spray guns and air filtration systems backed by more than sixty years of experience. With newly-patented thermodry technology, auto body shops can expect to significantly improve the quality of their work and significantly cut down on drying time. Shops with Walcom Thermodry Technology installed can paint more cars each and every day and use less paint than ever before.

A Massachusetts repair shop owner said his drying time went from 45 minutes or more to 15 with the addition of Walcom.

Walcom Thermodry Technology atomizes waterborne and solvent based paints more effectively than cold compressed air. This allows the material to atomize at the spray gun nozzle with less static pressure, thanks to the thermo-regulated heat at the spraygun inlet. Your shop gets higher transfer efficiency, less overspray and waste, better layout and uniform flat coverage, faster dry time and flash time between coats, and more. Less contamination means less denibbing and buffing and a superior quality in the finish.

Shops with Walcom Thermodry Technology installed can expect a percentage of material savings ranging from 10% to 25% or higher.

A northeast multi-location collision center that recently had Walcom Thermodry Technology installed said the product paid for itself in less than six months.

This offer will only be available to SEMA attendees. Stop by Walcom Thermodry Technology at booth #11407 at SEMA November 5 through 8 to learn more about this and other exclusive offers.

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