Induction Innovations has re-engineered their flameless torch into the NEW MINI-DUCTOR® 2 GO! Designed to be completely portable – works with a standard 12-volt battery pack, even runs off a car battery! Leave the generator behind and can take the MINI-DUCTOR 2 GO anywhere you need it – out in the field, across the lot or even out in space!

The MINI-DUCTOR® 2 GO heats ferrous metals without the danger of an open flame using invisible heat and turns a ¾” nut red hot in seconds. HUGE variety of heating applications for operating safer than a torch! Easily release seized nuts/bolts from corrosion or thread lock compounds. Remove/release; steering/suspension components, fuel tank straps, inline connectors, zirk fittings, manifold bolts, truck bed bolts, seat belt bolts, u-bolts, tie rod sleeves/ends, soft hail dents, metal fabrication, soldering, and even heat treating. Easily remove heavy undercoating’s applied over hardware.

• 12v Battery Operated
• Reinforced thermal plastic housing provides durability throughout.
• Molded in slip resistant grenade style gripping and grill guards prevents objects from contacting terminals.
• Universal 12v Battery Connector
• Bright LED lamp illuminates work surface.
• Deep Discharge Battery Protection
• Thermal Protection Circuit
• Reversion Polarity Protection
• Specs: 12v/60amp/840watt
• Warranty: 1 Year, parts and labor.

The INDUCTOR product line of high performance induction heating tools are made in the U.S.A. by Induction Innovations Inc., a family owned company based in Elgin, IL. For more information please call 877-688-9633 or online at

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