The NEW Inductor® Pro-Max IQ™ has been engineered with greater intellect that enables programming capabilities, digital readout and enhanced with timed operation capabilities and precise power settings. The multi-function, easy-to-read digital display sets operation time; displays time remaining and act as a timer, and displays power output levels. The linear knob adjusts settings on the display, with push to select mode. These new digital features add greater power control to take advantage of induction heating for curing of bonding compounds and other materials.

Like its predecessor the Inductor Pro-Max, the NEW Pro-Max IQ uses Invisible Heat® (High Frequency Magnetic Fields) to easily remove parts bonded to metal. This Invisible Heat releases seized hardware from corrosion/thread lock compounds in seconds without the collateral damage of an open flame. From removing glass, seam sealers and all the way down to undercoating, Induction Innovations, Inc., Inductor® Tools and Equipment have been saving time and material and allowing shops to re-use parts normally discarded in the repair process.

Benefits of the INDUCTOR PRO-MAX IQ:
• Reduce Cycle Times - Save on labor by as much as 75%.
• Re-use / Salvage Parts.
• Eliminate the need for Toxic Solvents.
• Save on expensive consumables.
• Digital Display – sets operation time, displays time remaining/counter, % power output
• Knob – adjusts settings on display, push to select mode, sets timed operation and power level
• Button to start, reset, emergency stop
• Operates via start button or foot pedal
• Part number PMIQ-20000

PRO-MAX™ IQ Includes:
• PRO-MAX™ High Performance Inverter.
• Improved U-series attachments, U-211, U-311 and U-411. (2) L-Wedges / Manual / Tutorial Video
• 2 Year Warranty Inverter / 1 yr. Attachments
• High Performance Energy Efficient Inverter.
• Maximizes use of a 120v / 20a circuit. Rated: Input 2200w / Max Output 2000w
• Audible and Visual Power Indicators.
• Fine Tuning Linear Power and Timing Control.
• Pneumatic Control, Resilient to dirt and water.
• UL/CSA GFCI for User Safety
Specs: L 18”, H 13”, W 12” / Weight 35lbs.

The INDUCTOR product line of high performance induction heating tools are made in the U.S.A. by Induction Innovations Inc., a family owned company based in Elgin, IL. For more information please call 877-688-9633 or online at

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